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Brass Dachshund


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The second we saw this little fellow we were just grinning… and then it hit us: of course we should add this dog to our Brass Animal Family!
So again a paperweight, or just a little treasure on your desk or table. 

And the Brass Dachshund has a secret..
When I was young and I visited my grandfather, I was always sitting at his table. On this table there was a big brass key with which I was always playing as a young boy.
When my grandfather died and I was asked what I wanted to inherit to remember him it was obvious: the brass key.
This key had a hidden function and therefor it had been always on his table: it was a bottle opener and a corkscrew..

When we bought our Brass Dachshund the lady told us proudly that the Dachshund was also a bottle opener. We didn’t like this function in first instance until we thought about grandpa’s brass key we love still today. And so here it is: the secret of the Brass Dachshund and what it reminds us to.

On the last picture you see on the back a Dachshund that’s more shiny. Pls. note you get the shiny Dachshund which will loose its shine with time passing by. The front Dachshund was the sample in the shop and has been oxidizing.