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Produced in the desert of India, so our Note Book is not made of cow leather but made of camel leather. 

To use your Note Book just put an A5 book of your liking in the leather cover. By the way: you get the Note Book including a A5 notebook. Also it is possible to fold A4 paper to create your own book for a project in your life.

Before you know it, the Note Book will play an essential part in your life and you realize: this is good! 

New in our range is the Note Book in its natural color. This leather is not colored, it just received an oil finish. The Note Book will darken by using it. The natural Note Book is more sensitive to dirt but we just like our stuff getting used and worn out!

Because the Note Book is hand made, there will be always some differences between the Note Books in colour, thickness and finish.

height 23 cm