Pillow Case Grid


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The Atelier Bensenhaver Grid pillow case is made mostly from 14.25 Oz. Italian denim, so it will last a while! We use the denim pillow cases in our garden in Italy and we just love them more and more, the older they get. Every now and then they need a wash, but that’s no problem with denim.

There are a load of varieties of the Grid Pillow Case also depending on the pieces denim available. The backside of the pillow case is always dark denim!

Be aware there is no pillow included, unfortunately including a pillow makes it too expensive to ship. But an IKEA is probably never far away and they offer a lot of different qualities pillow. Or your local shop might have some pillows..

The AB Pillow Case Grid is made for 65 x 65 cm pillows.